Symptoms of low immunity

symptoms of low immunity
symptoms of low immunity

We cannot survive without our Immune System. It is a gift given to us and consist of various tissues and cells that fights with invaders and prevent us from getting sick. Strong Immune system helps your body to fight with various viral, bacterial, germs and other foreign enemies which otherwise can make you sick and can be life threatening. In this Fast Pace Life How Aware you are about your body. A low immune System can make you sick quite often so it is very important to understand Symptoms of low immunity A child immune system is usually weaker than that of the Adult as he grows up and have to deal with various micro-organism thus improving its immunity

Signs of Weak Immune Systems

Frequent Infection: – Low Immunity makes you more prone to infection and Diseases. If you are frequently having viral and bacterial infection and have to take lots of Antibiotics You might be having low immune level

Low Body Energy: – You might experience low energy in your body and get tired in short intervals

Hair loss: – Hair loss is auto immune disorder inn which body own immune system attacks hair follicle thus leading to loss of hair.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Immunity in adult

Delayed Healing of Wounds — Normal cut or wound will easily heal in the common person unless injury is deep but in low immune person it usually takes more time to heal. It can also be the early sign of Diabetes

 High Stress Levels: It is probably the first Sign of low Immunity and must not be Ignored. if you are at high Stress Level for long it reduces white blood cells and lymphocytes in the body

 Running Cold and Sore Throat: – It is common for the adults to catch Common cold and Flu three to four times in year but if it is reoccurring more frequently then that and is staying for long then it could be a matter of serious concern. Constant irritation in the Throat is also indicate toward symptoms of low immunity

 Digestive Problems: As per the Research around 70 percent of the Immunity is in the Gut. Slow Immune System causes Digestive problems like loose motions, Continuous acidity, Bloating, Constipation. When the good microorganism reduces in Digestive tract it can lead to multiple inflammations and autoimmune disorders like irritable bowel syndrome.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Immunity in Toddler

symptoms of low immunity in toddlers

In new Born babies Immune System Requires 2 to 3 Months to get Fully Developed. Until then it is very Important to Save Them from Any Viral and Bacterial Infection. An early detection of Signs of low immune system in babies is very important for their well being

Skin Infections:

   A Kid with the low immunity may be more prone to skin and fungal infections nail infection is the common problem which can be seen

Failure to grow:

  Failure to gain weight by the child can also indicate low immunity


  Blood Disorders like low Platelets counts is also a symptoms of low immunity

Digestive Problems Like Acute Diarrhea:

  Usually continuous loose motion is one of the major symptoms and should be taken very seriously

Breathlessness, Frequent Fever and long Sleeping Time for kids is also consider to be signs of low immunity,

Immune System can be compromised by in take of certain medicines doctors give during Chemotherapy or organ transplant. Disease like AIDS is also acquired infection which attacks white blood cells and thus reduce the ability of body to fight the infection

Causes of low Immunity in Babies

 Genetic disorder

  The reason for low immunity can be genetic that cells in the body are defected or mutated that can make babies more prone to infections

Lack of T blood cells

  Lack or T lymphocytes can also be the  cause of low immunity in babies

Also, Infections like virus and measles can weaken immune system of babies

Auto Immune Diseases: Some of the Autoimmune disease is Type 1 Diabetes and Rheumatoid arthritis. In type 1 diabetes immune system attacks the cells in pancreas that make insulin and Rheumatoid arthritis is swelling of joints that can be seen in babies.

Treatment of Low Immune Deficiency

Now the major question comes how can I boost my Immune system Fast?  The main part of Immune Systems Are White Blood cell, Antibodies and Lymphatic cells.

treatment of low immune deficiency

 Exercise Regularly:

 Moderate Exercise boost up your immunity. 30 minutes of walk or light jog is enough to boost up your Immunity Naturally. Exercise may also include yoga and pranayama to naturally boost up your immune system

 Balanced Diet :

Healthy and balanced diet is very important for overall growth of body and build up good immunity for yourself

Stress Free Healthy Living:

  As we all are living fast paced stressful lives it is one factor which is ignored. When People are stressed for long time, it leads to increase in the level of hormone called cortisol which can suppress the immune cells in body and reduce body ability to fight infections

Good sleep Duration:

 Average adult should have an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep-in order to reduce stress and boosting your immunity


  One of the way probiotics promote human health Is by the growth of pathogenic bacteria’s Probiotics can be found in fermented foods like yoghurt, Pickles chutneys, butter milk and kombucha which is a fermented beverage

Nutritional Supplements:

 Natural Nutritional Supplements are available like zinc copper, Vitamin A Vitamin C, Vitamin B 6 and Vitamin B 12 are available which can be taken to boost up your immunity

 You can have various Immunity boosterDrinks Like Ginger Tea Beetroot Juice and Carrot Juice to Boost your Immunity Naturally. As We are All Going Through Pandemic. Balanced Diet with Regular Exercise is utmost Important to Beat Covid 19 Naturally.

Apart from this proper intake of water is also very important for good immunity it carries oxygen to the cells of the body leading to proper functioning of body

How can I test my Immune System

1 Regular checking of Vitamin D Level

2 Zinc level in body

3 Iron and ferritin level in body

4 Checking of Vitamin C level

Apart from these blood test can determine levels of infection fighting proteins in the blood and measure the level of immune system cells

“A Healthy Immune system is equal to a healthy body “

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