Symptoms of low blood sugar

symptoms of low blood sugar
symptoms of low blood sugar

 Glucose provides energy to your body. Blood sugar level between 120 to 140 mg /DL is considered to be the Normal Range of Blood Sugar level. When the glucose level in the body drops below 70 mg/dl it is diagnosed as low blood sugar level or Hypoglycemia. This situation could be very dangerous, even life-threatening and needs immediate doctor attention. Whenever we eat food rich in carbohydrates or extra sweets, glucose content in the body becomes high. To absorb extra sugar Pancreas in our body produce insulin, whose work is to take glucose to every cell of the body which absorbs them.   A person who is on insulin or taking certain medications that lower sugar levels should monitor his sugar level regularly with a glucose meter. The fastest way To Raise Blood Sugar Levels is to have 3 to 4 spoons of honey or you can also have 3 to 4 candies which can spike up your blood sugar levels

Symptoms of low blood sugar level in Diabetes

Weakness or Fatigue


Fast Heartbeat

Excessive Sweating

These are some of the early symptoms, if not taken care of, can also lead to loss of consciousness and affect your vision.

Causes of Low Blood Sugar

Too much Intake of Alcohol

More intake of Insulin


Does Stress cause Low Blood Sugar

stress and blood sugar level
stress and blood sugar level

A lot of studies are being carried out to know the relation between Stress and glucose levels. But there is much evidence that proves Constant stress can bring hormonal changes in the body that can lead to change in the blood sugar levels in the body.

Food For Low Blood Sugar Level

You become what you eat, so a good choice of food is very important in managing Diabetes. Since your blood sugar level is low so the onus should be on increasing blood sugar level naturally with Diet. So, the question arises What Should You Eat in Low Blood Sugar which is explained below

Peanut butter

It is beneficial when you are feeling the symptoms of low blood sugar levels

Whole wheat bread

You should avoid white bread and other refined bread


Most fruits like Apple grapes plums and strawberries contain natural fructose which is beneficial for the body and can raise your blood sugar levels

Fruit juices

One glass of fruit juice like orange or pineapple juice and if you could add Glucon D in it can spike up blood sugar level in the body


When you are regularly suffering from a low blood sugar problem you should keep candies in your pocket. Whenever you feel the symptoms eating 2 to 3 candies can immediately increase sugar levels in the body and keep you out of danger.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes can manage your blood sugar levels quickly and are a good source of fiber


Honey is also considered an important source to balance the sugar level in the body

Foods that are rich in carbohydrates make glucose in our bodies. The balance should be maintained between carbohydrates that we eat and insulin made by our body. Some of the foods that are rich in carbohydrates are vegetables that have starch like potatoes or corn. Rice and cereals are also a good sources of carbohydrates

Warning Sign of Prediabetic’s

Prediabetic’s condition is referred to as the condition when blood sugar level increases usually between 140 to 150 mg /DL . You can reverse this condition by certain lifestyle and diet changes.

Regular checking of sugar levels is utmost important to check whether you are in the prediabetics range or not

Risk of becoming Diabetics increases due to

Hereditary reasons

Diabetes can run in a family, if your parents are diabetic your chances of becoming Diabetic are more

Sedentary Lifestyle

 Having a Sedentary Lifestyle can lead to many Lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes


 If you are overweight or obese your chances of acquiring Diabetes increases

Suffering from High Blood pressure

If you regularly have High Blood pressure of more than 140/90 mm Hg you can be prone to Diabetes

Normal Symptoms which you may feel can be

Feeling More Thirsty

More Urination

Getting tired easily

Weight loss

Yoga and Diabetics

Yoga can be a very effective way for controlling your blood sugar levels and managing your Diabetes. Yoga can balance your body and mind. Certain types of yoga asanas can activate your pancreas organ which makes insulin for the absorption of sugar in the body

Yoga poses beneficial in diabetes

Upward facing dog

Bow pose

Child pose

Leg up the wall

Corpse pose

Surya namaskar and KapalBhati are considered good when done regularly.

Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar Level in New Born Babies

low blood sugar in new born
low blood sugar in new born

Glucose is important for the overall development of the body. The low Blood sugar level in Infants is usually termed Hypoglycemia. There could be various causes For The development of Hypoglycemia in newborns

Causes of low blood sugar in newborn babies

 Not Having Proper breastfeed

Lack of oxygen at the time of Birth

Liver problems

Infection at Time of Birth

Mother Suffering from Diabetes

Various symptoms of Hypoglycemia

 Lack of Movement

Low Temperatures

Blue or pale skin

Sweating and seizures

Symptoms of low Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

low blood sugar in pregnancy

Pregnant women can experience fluctuations in their blood levels. You should be extra vigilant during pregnancy and if you are feeling dizziness or shakiness, you should get your blood sugar tested. The normal fasting blood sugar level considered is between 85 to 90 mg/dl. If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes you should consult your doctor for proper medical advice and medicines you need to take during pregnancy. A balanced diet during pregnancy can help in managing your blood sugar levels                                                                                                                    The symptoms are no different from the common symptoms like dizziness, headaches and sweating

Diabetes can be managed by a combination of healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet with small meals.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

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What are the 2 signs of low blood sugar level

Weakness or Fatigue
Fast Heartbeat
Excessive Sweating

What is most common cause of low blood sugar

Too much Intake of Alcohol
More intake of Insulin

Does Stress cause Low Blood Sugar

Constant stress can bring hormonal changes in the body that can lead to change in the blood sugar levels in the body.

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