Healthy Body Healthy Mind

mind and body connection
healthy body healthy mind

We can define health as absence of diseases or illness. We believe that disease can be corrected by correcting the body but actually it is vice versa. We can have Healthy body only if we have a Healthy mind

One of the renowned cardiologist Mr. BM Hegde said in one of his speeches that if you have Enthusiasm to work and love, you are Healthy. That’s the ayurveda way of Defining Health

Your Body is a holographic projection of your mind which is called consciousness and it’s a big myth that the mind is in the brain. Based on this modern medicine which we intake damages our brain and doesn’t treat us. Mind is considered as an environment to the body. Usually, people think that there is a pill to every ill but in actuality there is ill after every pill.

Connection between body and mind

A person’s body and mind are interconnected. Our nervous system is such a beautiful gift of God to human beings. Nervous system has special cells called neurons which communicate signals between brain and body.   The functioning of neurons can be affected by your daily habits and lifestyle like drugs Alcohol or Stress

Your Health is governed by your Environment. So, one thing you can do is to change your lifestyle in order to live a happy and stress free life and  enjoy a healthy body and healthy mind. There is an old saying that if the wealth is lost something is lost but if health is lost everything is lost

Now The Question comes How to Get a Healthy body

Altering your lifestyle is the first step which you can take in order to have a healthy body. Healthy body fat percentage is typically between 8 to 13 %

Walk and jog – 40 minutes of brisk walk specially in the morning will improve your metabolism and is an energy booster for you. Many Life style diseases like High Blood pressure are associated with lethargic lifestyle that we follow

Tips To lower your Blood pressure naturally:

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Quit Bad Habits – Excessive Smoking and alcohol have a bad impact on lungs, liver and heart. It also impacts the central nervous system thus impacting not only the body but also our mind. So, if you want to have a Long and healthy life you should avoid their intake as much as possible

Intake of a balanced Diet –Your body is a gift to us by God, so it’s your duty to give the fuel that your body needs for proper functioning. Your Diet should be filled with Green Vegetables, grains and fruits, giving you optimum minerals, carbs, Proteins and vitamins. Balanced diet can also impact our white blood cells thus have a direct impact on our immune system

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Diet For Healthy Body

healthy body diet
healthy body diet

Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach and tomatoes are rich source of  carbohydrates,fiber and proteins and less in fats and are considered beneficial for the body and reversing many lifestyle diseases like blood pressure  cancer and diabetes 

Avoid Saturated and trans fat

Trans fat is mostly found in junk and baked foods like cookies. Red meat and Dairy products like butter and cheese are the major sources of saturated fat. Regular intake of saturated and trans-fat  can increase your bad cholesterol level and badly impact your heart

Less intake of sugar:

Intake of a lot of sugar can be a sweet poison for the body. Fruits can be the rich source of natural intake of sugar which can provide benefits over processed or added sugar. Any sugar which you add to your drinks or food is considered dangerous to the body. Excessive intake of processed or added sugar can impact functioning of the immune system and decaying of teeth.

whole grain

Whole grain foods include bajra jawar ragi and millets have proved to be beneficial for the body. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, zinc and fibers. Food rich in whole grains can lower your cholesterol levels, control diabetes and can treat various digestive problems

Proper intake of protein

Fish Eggs sprouts Low fat yogurt and beans are some of the foods which are rich in proteins. Every cell of the body is made up of proteins. Proteins are the fuel for our body and are considered to be a macronutrient. Proper intake of proteins is necessary for the proper repair of the cells of the body and growth of muscles.

Optimum Intake of water

Our body is 70 % of water. Drinking 7 to 8 glasses of water ensures good functioning of the body and flush out toxins from the body from urine

 Dry fruits – Examples of dry fruits are Almonds, kishmish, Pistachios and dates. Most dry fruits are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and fibers. They are energy boosters and improve the overall health of the body.

Routine to follow for Healthy body

 There is a very old proverb which says that Early to bed Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

1 Sleep Early

2 Wake up early

3 Drink water empty stomach

4 Good Breakfast with eggs, Yogurt, berry and juices

5 Lots of salads in your diet

6 Light Dinner

Meaning of a healthy mind:

 We can define a healthy mind as power to control your thoughts rather than your thoughts, especially negative ones controlling you . People who have the healthy mind have the positive attitude in life who don’t allow their fear and anxiety overpower them

Desire to learn new things , excitement Self-content and happiness are some of the characteristics of a healthy mind

How can you Keep your mind healthy?

Keeping your mind healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy. Both mind and body are interconnected. You cannot have a healthy mind if you don’t have a healthy body. If you have a good mental health you can deal with the day-to-day problems in life and can manage stress

Daily routine of healthy mind


Meditation impacts your life in a big way and can improve quality of life. It reduces the anxiety of mind and can make you mentally strong. When you meditate you can overpower your stress? You can meditate by repeatedly mantra of a particular word like “OM” in a peaceful place specially at early morning time that can give you calming effect. You will see the results in coming months and will feel that you are more focused and positivity in your attitude

Listening to soothing music

According to the study conducted by experts soothing music has a theopathic effect on your mind. Places like school’s hospitals and mediation centers play certain types of music to improve your mental condition. When we listen to good music waves of music get translated in electronic signals and when it is transmitted to brain it improves its function

Urge to learn new things – When you keep yourself busy in reading, writing or learning new things your mind automatically charges itself and increases the density of the brain .

Zeal for learning and keeping yourself UpToDate keeps your mind healthy

Yoga and Healthy Body

yoga and healthy body

Yoga is an ancient way of joining the soul to the body. Yoga can release the tension of your body and mind. Regular practice of yoga can increase your muscle strength, Heart health and mind capabilities. Yoga includes Asanas Pranayama and meditation

Types of yoga

Yoga can be classified as

Hatha yoga

Hatha as the name suggests means force Hatha yoga is suitable if you are a beginner. It focuses on physical posture and breathing technique. Regular practice can improve your body posture and mental health

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa is the combination of 2 words Vi and Nyasa. vi means special and Nyasa means attention. It is beneficial in toning of the body and loosing of weight

Anusvara yoga

It is a modern type of yoga and focuses on mind and body connection. It can majorly improve functioning of heart

Ashtanga yoga

It is a Sanskrit word which means 8 . It is advance level of yoga and usually start with Surya namaskar

Benefits of yoga

Yoga is the way of life It improves Strength and flexibility of the body. It can make you mentally Stronger reduce stress and improve your concentration levels. The following are 5 benefits of yoga.

Heart Benefits

Yoga can slow down your heart beat and can have an impact on reducing your blood pressure levels. Studies have shown that it can reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body naturally

Boost Metabolism

Slow metabolism rates can lead to increase in weight and you can suffer from various lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure There are various breathing techniques in yoga that can improve the oxygen levels in the body and can boost up speed of metabolism

Lower blood sugar level

Yoga can be beneficial treatment if you are suffering from diabetes and can keep a check on your blood sugar levels

Flexibility and posture

Yoga can considerably improve your posture and increases flexibility of the body

Mental health

body and mind
body and mind

Regular meditation and breathing practice can calm your mind and reduce your stress levels. Brain functioning can be affected with age regular practice of yoga can boost up your brain function

One of the famous Health quotes is “The best and Most efficient Pharmacy is within your own system”

Good luck and have a healthy life.

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